Saturday, March 29, 2008


An update to the robbery stuff. The guy has robbed three coffeeshops in the neighborhood of the yoga studio. One had a surveillance camera. He is called the java bandit and I believe the guy in the picture is the same guy. I have had such positive experiences around this whole incident. The detective was really helpful. It seems the guy uses the same multi colored all capitals note. When I saw his picture I felt the fear return and when I first entered the yoga sudio on friday night the same thing happened. I have been using whole brain posture from PSYCH-K which integrates the left and right brain and tapping and rocking on a regular basis to sooth myself. As I check in with myself now I notice the charge is almost gone. The robbery feels like a memory that has receded into the background. Last night at the teachers' meeting we did a cleansing of each other and the studio called smudging which is a Native American ceremony to release energy you are ready to let go of and welcome new energy. Instead of the usual chant we used the ganesh mantra. Genesh is a hindu elephant god who is the remover of obstacles. I love eclectic ritual. We ended that part with a little laughter yoga. Everyone was very supportive of me,especially Satya, the owner of Whole Yoga. She has handled this as she lives her life, with integrity and love. I felt held by all of the teachers and I feel held by all of you who e-mailed me and all of you who are reading this. Thank you for being a witness to my process. Today when I went to yoga class the studio felt as welcoming and warm as it did before all of this happened. I am grateful to be teaching yoga and especially grateful to be teaching at Whole Yoga where there is such a strong spiritual component. Yoga means union, between body mind and breath. Being a teacher and a student of yoga is a way of life that helps me remember to live with compassion and mindfullness off of the mat as well as on. Yoga is my passion and I am blessed to be able to share that passion with so many people. I have practiced yoga at home for over thirty years and it has enriched my life immeasurable. When I started in my middle twenties I couldn't sit still long enough to take a bath. If you know yoga do a pose for me tonight. What is your passion? How can you bring it into your daily life?

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