Thursday, November 29, 2012


Hi everyone. It is good to be writing again. I have no idea what I want to write about. I only know that I want to write. I have made some changes in my life that I want to share. We completed the women's spiritual support group I have been leading for over eleven years. It felt clear and right even though it was sad. Most of the women were ready to move on to other adventures. My hope is that I will continue to study and learn and find other forums to teach in. It is satisfying to have more time available to see evening clients in Denver. At one point I couldn't imagine what my life would be like without that group because it was so important to me. I was so identified with being the leader of that group. Now I no longer am. It would've met next Thursday and I'd like to do a goodbye ritual on that night to mark the loss and the change and the growth of letting go and creating space. It's funny how an unimaginable loss can come to be and feel OK. It's a good lesson to me about attachment and letting go of attachment. Is there something in your life that you couldn't imagine ever letting go of that you have let go of? Acknowledge yourself for your resilience.
The other change that I want to share came from reading the book Women Food and God by Geneen Roth. I found it to be very helpful. I put off reading it for a long time because I felt envious that she had published this book when I had never published my book Eating My Way to God. I realized I was resisting reading it for that reason and was kind to myself about it. I decided I was ready to let go of my envy in order to learn from what Geneen Roth had to offer. I've shared here before about my desire to let go of eating and reading at the same time.  When I do both I often don't even notice what I am eating until I am done. I  don't notice when I've had enough either.Many many times I have resolved to only eat when I am eating and only read when I am reading. It usually lasts less than two weeks and I gradually slip back into having reading material and reading glasses on my kitchen table and melding the two behaviors. Geneen Roth has these guidelines, one of which is to only eat when you are eating. I used her as a cheerleader to recreate my intention of conscious eating. I read the book at Valley View hot springs where I went by myself for four days. Being by myself with no work or house related distractions, it was easy to create lovely meals for myself and eat them with awareness. That was three weeks ago. I continued when I got home. It was challenging and I was tempted to grab my glasses many times. If they weren't there it was easier because I couldn't see to read. I was able to be kind and patient about the process of change and gentle about the slips I had.
 At the same time I bought a new to me kitchen table and chairs. I decided to bring all of my reading materials and all of my mail and bills into my office and off of my kitchen table. My table had been my desk. I even had a usable desk in my office that had been sort of a dumping ground.
So now I have a tranquil space to eat in. I notice I am tasting food more and enjoying eating. That is a pleasure. I  also notice I am reading less and the next step is to carve out more time to read besides reading on the internet. I love to read and want to do more. One good time would be instead of being on the computer before I go to bed I am going to read. I know that the stimulation of the computer before bed isn't supportive of good sleep. That is the next step. It's important to acknowledge the shift I have made and not only to focus on the next shift yet to be made. Good job, Andrea. You have made real progress with changing an automatic behavior to a more conscious one. Is there an automatic behavior you'd like to change to a more conscious one? Could you begin by being kind to yourself and noticing what it is?

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Happy November. Five  more days until the election. I worked for the Obama campaign today calling voters with mail-in ballots who hadn't turned them in yet. Next to each person's name was the nearest place for the person to turn in their ballot. I was really impressed with the level of organization and how receptive people were about knowing the nearest location to drop off their completed ballot. Several people thanked me for calling. I thanked all of them for answering their phone and for either already voting or being willing to vote. It was a pleasurable connection with most of the people I spoke to. I felt grateful to have the time to volunteer today and to feel part of the community surrounding Barack Obama's re-election campaign.
   Every other Thursday evening I lead a women's spiritual support group. I give myself several hours on those Thursdays when I don't schedule clients  to finish planning the group. Hence I had the time today to spend making calls at the Obama office.
I have been running this group in one form or another for over 11 years.  I call it Sacred Circle. It has evolved as I have evolved. It now has meditation, intention setting, a short yin yoga practice, chanting and sharing. I study during the two weeks in between groups to find experiences and information I want to teach. It is important to me to combine personal and spiritual growth in a creative way to enable the beautiful women in my group to learn and grow. I create a safe space for nurturing connection by modeling authenticity and speaking truth from my heart. This has facilitated the creation of  a supportive community where people feel safe to be themselves. I am very attached to leading and being part of this community.
In the past three months several people have left the group. Now another woman who has been with the group since the beginning is preparing to leave. I love to have a completion evening for people who leave so they can honor their contribution to the group and say goodbye. Clear goodbyes are rare in our culture. I think it is so delicious to have the opportunity to honor  and celebrate beginnings and endings.
Now the group is small enough so I need to find new members if it is to continue. We decided to at least take a break for December. My energy isn't clear yet. In our intention process tonight I asked for clarity to know whether I wanted to continue or if it is time to let go and discontinue the group. I am asking for help from the universe to be willing to let go if that is what's needed or to be given the energy to attract women who would benefit from the group.
  If you or anyone you know would benefit from being part of a sacred sanctuary  of women to learn and grow personally and spiritually please let me know.  Call me or e-mail me. I'd love to hear from you if you want more information.Community is a great opportunity to love ourselves and be mirrored in that love.
 Is there something in your life you'd like to have clarity about?  Would you be willing to try this experiment? Draw a circle around yourself in the air. This circle represents your own sacred space. This space is made sacred by you giving yourself your own attention. Imagine around the outside of the circle there is your spiritual support team. It could be made up of people, mountains, beings, animals, angels, light, oceans, trees, god or gods and goddesses, etc. Imagine that you could sit quietly and ask for help and guidance from this team. They can only help us when we ask for their help. They are always there whether we are aware of them or not. They are glad to help. Let yourself be open to receiving help. It doesn't mean you are a wimp. Being vulnerable and asking for help is a sign of strength. Let yourself be strong and ask for help and guidance. See what happens. Be willing to have whatever you experience be that help. Thanks for being willing to experiment.