Thursday, December 20, 2012

What to do when there's nothing to do

The creative urge to write my blog has been building this week and I was wondering what I wanted to write about. Yesterday on my way home from teaching yoga I was listening to CPR. Talk of the nation was about what to do when there's nothing to do. The idea was that  people needed to have creative ways to fill up the space in between things so they weren't waiting around feeling uncomfortable. The expert talked about how there used to be long lines at banks and one teller. He talked about how waiting in line with nothing to do was so unpleasant he wanted to jump out of his skin. People called in and shared how they kept themselves distracted when they had to wait. One person always carried a book,  another always had her ipod, another brought along her  yo-yo and practiced tricks, still another never went anywhere without his ukelele. All of this was based on the premise that there always needs to be something to do.
It got me to thinking about how having an iphone and being able to text and check my e-mails and make phone calls anytime anywhere has impacted my life. What if I just used waiting time to be?
Being is so important especially at this time of year when there is such a whirlwind of doing. As I look at what I want to write next and notice the tendency to judge myself for what I have written and pick my nails, I am aware that this is the perfect opportunity to just be. In the space of waiting for the muse to come I breathe and go down into my body to notice the felt sensation I am feeling. I feel a tingling of excitement in my heart and belly and a tightness in my throat. Instead of trying to figure it out I practice breathing into what is. I notice the fear that being won't bring me ideas. I have to do something. The elusive muse won't come when she is called.She is not an on demand girl.  She patiently waits for me to wait for her. In this way she encourages me to breathe and be. I can feel my impatience and I wonder if she will ever show up? She says yes. I am here. Writing is allowing the flow of your breath to create your words. There is no force necessary. I can feel the ease that listening to her creates. I can feel the belief that I have to do something to make things happen being challenged. It isn't that I don't have to do my part. It's that I need to remember to ask for help all of the time. I have this idea that asking for help is for weaklings. I am supposed to know how to do everything by myself. Turning to my spiritual support around my circle is for times when I can't do it myself. What if it represented spiritual growth for me to ask for help from spiritual support? I get that if I leave things up to my ego I am screwed. I will do what I have always done, whatever that is. My spiritual support team around my circle has the job of helping me. However, they can't help me if I don't ask for help. That would be invasive.  They are here to help me open up more to my entire range of emotion and to experience the oneness of all beings. 
I am now asking for help with giving being a fair share of my attention and being willing to let go of doing sometimes in order to do that. As I breathe and listen I can hear them clapping.
. I am making a committment to asking for help whenever I remember whether I think what I need help with is worthy of their attention or not. I don't think that they have a score sheet about the validity of what I want help with. I am the one with the score sheet. This spiritual support team is made up of angels and spiritual guides, colored light and mountains and oceans and some dead people. I believe we are all involved in a project called the evolution of consciousness. They want to help me because their advanced level of consciousness can contribute to mine evolving. I imagine it is pleasing to them to be asked to do their job.
This  blog was so much fun to write. It helped me to experience how much being supports the creative process. Would you be willing to let yourself be? How about asking for help?
May your holiday season be filled with more and more of all that you are. It is such a pleasure to share my musings with you. Thanks for listening.