Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Colt, grandson extraordinaire

I am writing this on my IPhone because I have tried several times to write on my home computer and it isn't allowing me to enter a new post. I have very exciting news. Colt,  my first grandson, was born on November 8th 2013. He came ten weeks early and has been in neonatal ICU until today. Today he came home with his happy parents. I am so excited to be a grandma. I never thought I could
 love anyone as much as I love my daughter. I loved Colt before he was born. I started sending him deeksha blessings every day when he was newly conceived. Out of this energetic connection I felt close to him and connected. When he was born ten weeks early it was very scary. Two paths were before me. One pathways full of fear, worry and anxiety about what would happen with
Colt. The other pathway was about All is Well. That was the pathway where I kept asking for spiritual help to come back to when I found myself spiraling off into worst case scenarios. When I met Colt in person my love deepened even more. He was so tiny and so beautiful. I felt like I had known and loved him always. Seeing my daughter with him was so heartwarming. Colt's parents have done such a good job of parenting under very challenging circumstances.
It has been such a teaching to love this little
Being so much and to keep allowing myself to be afraid for his well-being and to return to
trusting that the universe is holding him in love and that he is OK. My trust in the universe has been strengthened by asking for help. If left things up to my ego I would fear the worst. So it has been a blessing to notice the path of worry and ask for help in trusting the all is well path.
I welcome this precious being into my life and honor the new era for his parents and for me. I  ask for support in being the best grandmother I can be- a good enough grandmother. I ask to trust that my love is strong and can be felt and counts even if I am far away. Thanks for sharing my joy. I am so grateful for all the joy my sweet grandson has brought to my life already. All is well, even in the midst of my fears and doubts. All is well holds us in love waiting with the patience of a grandmother for us to return to awareness of it. What can you ask for help about returning to the awareness of all is well in the midst of today?