Wednesday, March 19, 2008


At the end of teaching a yoga class today my students were in sivasana. Sivasana, also called corpse pose or relaxation pose, is when you lie on your back and relax. During those ten minutes, I sit in meditation. I realized my inner critic was quiet. It wasn't yapping at me about what I did wrong in the class or comparing me to other teachers. It wasn't scrambling to come up with a perfect closing so I wouldn't do it wrong. It was quiet. Realizing it was quiet, I breathed into the space and enjoyed it. It came to me that every time I work with a client or teach a class or lead laughter yoga I begin with an intention process. "Go down into your body to the wellspring of wisdom inside of you, a source of guidance and intuition and ask yourself what your intention is for being here today. When you notice what bubbles up take three deep breaths and breathe it into your body. Take your time and when you are ready open your eyes." Creating an intention helps a person focus their attention on what they want for themselves. I also do this process and for the last month what has bubbled up is FREEDOM. Also a line from a song which goes," I'm free, freedom based on reality." It puzzled me. Today I got it. Freedom is the freedom to have internal quiet free from my inner critic. That freedom is available anytime I am willing to be mindful of that voice, go under the story it is telling me to the sensations underneath and breathe. It helps to ask myself ,"what needs my attention right now?" Freedom based on reality means that in true reality there is empty space. When I allow myself to experience that emptiness it opens up into a fullness that is vast and filled with love. It is good to be tasting that quiet. My inner critic will continue to present me with many opportunities to be aware of it. My intention is to meet it with mindfulness and compassion, saying"Thank you for sharing." and breathe. Quiet is a great gift. I have to slow down enough to be able to give it to myself. Would you be willing to slow down enough sometime soon to rest without distractions and open to the possibility of quiet? Thank you for all the great comments on this blog. I really appreciate it.

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