Monday, March 17, 2008


I led laughter yoga today. Denver Laughter Club meets every Monday at noon at the Unitarian church on 14th and Lafayette.( Sharing laughter creates such a strong sense of connection. I hardly know the people in the group and I feel close. Letting go and being silly and playful creates a child-like connection. When my daughter Monnya was a little girl she would be at a playground and connect with a child she had never met before. They would play together until it was time to go home, have a great time and never know each other's names. It was the shared experience in the present moment that created the connection. This is true of laughter club. In laughter clubs all over the world people come together to look into each other's eyes and laugh for no reason. It doesn't matter how different we are from each other. We are united by a common desire to use laughter to heal and to create happiness and peace of mind. Plus it is so much fun to let go of inhibitions and be a complete idiot. That is very freeing. I am grateful for Dr. Madam Kataria's vision of healing the world one laugh at a time. Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world are participating in his vision.
When I am in a leadership role I sometimes second guess myself. Leading laughter yoga comes so naturally. It is as if my inner playful little girl who was often very serious gets to come alive. It's never too late to have a happy childhood. I was laughing outloud in the aisle of the grocery store last week. It was so fun to let go of what other people might think and enjoy myself. It seemed to be contagious. I always notice when a child is laughing in public it makes adults smile. It's fun to be a child with the wisdom of an adult. Such a deal!
I was also aware of a strong connection with the two million people watching the Eckhart and Oprah web class tonight.( It is thrilling to me to be part of a community of seekers from all over the planet. I love learning and it is so cool to share this level of learning with so many people. Tonight I am very grateful for my life and the richness of it. You are part of that richness. Thanks

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