Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Smokey and Graham

I wonder what I will write about today? Often I have some idea of what I want to write based on something I have experienced or read. Today I am writing without knowing what to write about. I could probably find different ways to write about not knowing what to write about. In the book The Artist's Way, Julia Cameron introduces a technique she calls the morning pages. She suggests writing three pages every day in a stream of consciousness without judging or even looking at what has been written. The year I did the morning pages helped me to have a less harsh relationship with my inner critic. I began to see that there was no way to do the morning pages wrong and it was very freeing. If you have wanted to journal and worried you would have nothing to say the morning pages are a great way to start. I suggest you get yourself a notebook, set aside some time and write for three pages. It's even o.k. to write "I don't know what to write about," until you do know. Also called free writing the morning pages were a great help to me when I was writing my book to rev the engine of my creativity. Speaking of my book, it is being edited for the third time, as we speak, by my friend Graham.The first editing was done by my friend Smokey,his wife. She and I spent a year editing my book over the phone from New Mexico. I am enormously grateful to her for all the time and energy she put into me and my book.I appreciate her skill as a writer and an editor. I did the second editing and the book was left with misspellings and typos. Graham is now doing copy editing, spending a lot of time with the hardcopy of the book. I feel grateful to both of them and appreciate how much they have been there for me over the years.We wear many hats with each other.I am blessed to have friends like them. I have watched their love for each other grow to a place of true caring and compassion.I have learned a great deal from them about accepting each others differences and using them to grow closer.I feel such a deep love and connection with both of them. I am going to tell them to read this blog today because it is in their honor. Do you have any friends who have really been there for you that you would like to acknowledge? Call or write and let them know.
It really feels good to express appreciation randomly when it's not attached to a birthday or another special occasion.
It reminds me that the bumper sticker Practice random acts of kindness, isn't only meant for people we don't know. It is also so important to let the people we love, know we love them. For that matter how about giving yourself a hug right now and saying three things you appreciate about yourself?

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