Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Did you ever notice that when your partner tells you something it is easy to blow it off. Then when someone else says the same thing it can seem like such brilliance. Gary told me about this movie I am about to tell you about. When he first forwarded it to me I began to watch it, saw it was eighteen minutes and saved it for later. Probably way later.
He brought it up several times saying how much it was worth the time and I finally watched it. To be fair it only took two days. It makes me feel much more understanding for when I tell him something and he blows me off and then someone else, especially his ex-wife, tells him the same thing and he acts like he has never heard it before and it is such great wisdom and so helpful. This movie is about a woman who is a neuro anatomist who witnesses her own stroke. It is so inspiring to hear of her experience of realizing the expansiveness of the human spirit. She explains the working of the brain in a way that is easy to understand. Eckhart Tolle talked about all of us being human beings. There is our human part and our being part. Jill validates this in terms of brain function.It is very exciting to me that there are visionaries on the planet today to teach us about our imagined separation from each other and the truth of our inter connectedness. Whenever I experience one of these people I feel a transmission of energy. It's almost like a mind meld allowing me to connect to their experience.In one session yesterday there was a palpable healing energy as if the room were filled with angels and my client and I were both moved to tears.It seems that sense of the power of the love of the universe is available to all of us when we step out of our own way. It often happens around a beautiful sunset or hanging out with an infant. We get a glimpse into the beauty that includes us.A Russian author whose name I don't remember how to spell, said "beauty will save the world." When we have those moments of knowing we are all one it is easier to be compassionate for others foibles and for our own. This is so healing for the US and THEM mentality that is so much a part of our world. If we are all one and I am aware of that, how does it change my behavior? How does it change yours? Check out this movie at http://www.ted.com:80/talks/view/id/229 If that doesn't work e-mail me at lightalive@msn.com and I will forward it to you.

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