Thursday, March 6, 2008


What is attraction? What makes one person attracted to another . Each person would define attractiveness in their own way. To me, attractiveness is a combination of body, mind and spirit. I am attracted to a person who is being real. That person is making his or herself vulnerable emotionally to their hurt or sadness or anger or joy. I am also attracted to a person whose passion for life shines through them. Life force or shakti radiates from the faces of the people I am most attracted to. It's almost as if they are spreading light and love with their very being. I am also attracted to people who take care of themselves and want to work on themselves and value being connected to god. When I feel really listened to that turns me on too. I love being asked questions that encourage me to go deeper. Laughter and having fun and being silly also draw me to others.
What is more important than who I am attracted to or what is attractive to me is when do I feel the most attractive to myself. When I feel most attractive to myself I am in line with my heart's desire. It is often when I am feeling juicy about expressing myself creatively or excited about connecting with another . My work is fertile ground. Making a contribution to others and supporting their growth is attractive. Being relaxed, centered or peaceful and connected with my inner power , I feel drawn to my own energy. Getting a good night's sleep is a player, too. When I am feeling good about myself other people look more attractive. I especially notice this when I am in an airport. Sometimes people look really beautiful to me and sometimes everyone looks ugly. It is a barometer of how I am feeling about myself. When I focus on being aligned with my own heart I feel attractive to myself. I am listening to myself and caring about what I want and need. I am being loving with myself and therefore can be loving with others. When I allow myself to radiate that sense of aliveness in another's presence they often look attractive to me. Is it really letting myself be me radiating my life force that is turning me on, rather than them? When I am working with a person who has begun dating I coach them to focus on how they feel about themselves in the other's presence, rather than trying to control how the other person feels by pretzeling themselves. Experiment with shining your light with others? The light could be a shimmer, a glow or a beam. Ultimately, I want to let my light shine regardless of what others think. What makes you attractive to you? Notice when you are feeling attractive to yourself.

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