Sunday, March 23, 2008


This is my birthday blog. I have had a wonderful day. Two years ago on my birthday I broke my ankle skiing. Yesterday I went to a challenging yoga class and felt really strong. It has taken two years for my ankle to completely heal and I am so happy to be back. Last year I took my Mom to the doctor on my birthday after she had had a psychotic episode. This year I was more relaxed about my birthday and ready to enjoy myself no matter what. I have felt very loved all day. I have received touching and heart warming phone calls cards and a plant from family and friends. My sister, who thinks she can't sing, sang happy birthday to me anyway. It sounded really good to me. Gary greeted me with a bright smile and appreciative words on a card of hand made paper. He is a gem cutter and he gifted me with a rock he had cut and polished called numite that is helpful to deepen meditation and quiet the mind. Heaven knows that will be a helpful tool. I called my Mom so I could tell her it was my birthday and she sang to me to and remembered all the words except my name. It felt good to call her and include her in my birthday. Gary and I went to a deeksha oneness blessing which was combined with a kirtan (chanting) and restorative yoga. It was my first experience of deeksha. The leader who trained at Oneness University placed his hands on the crown of each of our heads and sent loving energy through us. I felt my mind become much quieter and my heart open. I have felt calmer and happier since. Who knows how long this will last ? It's been five hours. I guess it's up to me now. It's cool that this followed on the heels of commiting to noticing the good and the beauty. I was aware of several things I could have focused on and been annoyed with today.
When I became aware of each of them I noticed my budding reactivity mostly as a witness rather than a judge . I validated my feelings," I can sure understand that you feel that way "and moved my attention back to the present. It is lovely that my visits to the present are becoming more extended. Afterwards we went to a healthfood grocery store for a snack and I had my delicious vegetable juice. The guy who made it combined the wheat grass with the veggie juice. It tasted very intense but I deemed it not worth complaining about. Although I felt even more like a grazing cow than usual it gave me it's reliable burst of energy. Afterwards we walked around Washington Park, my favorite in Denver. We walked along the sand around the north lake and saw lots of duck and geese swimming in couples. I felt grateful to have a companion like Gary to share adventures with. He cooked dinner and cleaned up, too. He made hearts out of raw carrot slices as a garnish. It's such a relief to be out of my critical mind enough to notice what a peach he is. Now I am writing in here and feeling so happy to have this creative outlet to share about my day with all of you. I am truely blessed. It's nice to have the focus of my birthday to count my blessings. I have begun again to practice noticing five good things at the end of the day. It feels so good to end my day in gratitude. Today I have about fifty. Thank you to everyone in my life who helped make this such a special day. What are you grateful for today? See if it feels good to you to end your day that way.

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Linza said...

Glad you had a terrific birthday. Also, that we got to spend some of the weekend with you; it was great. Love & Light, Linza