Wednesday, March 5, 2008


More about my book. I have been challenged by my relationship with food since I was a small child. Currently I stay slender with the way I eat, how much I move my body around and my connection to my emotions. This wasn't always the case. Here's the short story. In childhood I was very heavy. In my teens and early twenties I lived on coke and cigarettes, in my thirties I tried every diet under the sun. Since then I have grown and learned so much about the self-hatred that created my hurting myself with food. In my middle twenties I was so anxious I couldn't sit still long enough to take a bath. Yoga and meditation saved me from doing serious damage to myself with an eating disorder. I will always be grateful to my daily practice for giving me a lifeline to connect with my inner source of strength. The work that I have done with help, with friends and with clients and what I have learned from all of that is the long version of my story. It is contained in my book. Also included are information about eating, food and self-esteem, case studies of friends and clients, and exercises to practice. The exercises make the book personally relevant to the reader. The book has the working title of Eating my way to god, A food addict's journey to freedom. I think it could be useful to anyone dealing with any addiction or compulsion who wanted to learn to be able to treat themselves with compassion and bring mindfulness to their healing process. I am hopeful it will be ready to publish soon. Right now the copies I have been running off at kinko's and selling have some typos and misspellings and as I said yesterday my friend Graham is copy editing. Thanks for listening. It's exciting to share about my book. If you were going to write a book that would be a learning experience for you to explore something you are curious about what would it be about?

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