Thursday, January 31, 2008


I had a fun playdate with my friend Danielle today. She just turned 10 and we got together to celebrate her birthday. It brings out my playfulness and creativity to hang out with her. Without parental responsibility it is easier for me to relax. We do active and artistic things. I feel free and present. It is exciting to see the world through her eyes. Today I created a treasure hunt in my house for her. Then together we made an obstacle course throughout the house starting with a pillow fort we crawled through and including sliding down the stairs. Then she suggested we walk to the park and make a sculpture from branches and twigs and pinecones in the snow. It's fun to follow her lead and support her sense of power. She mostly has good judgement and is also a risktaker. Danielle has contributed so much to me over the years. I am grateful for her presence in my life and grateful to myself for following my instinct to seek out spending time with her when she was small. I knew when my daughter was becoming a teenager and beginning to be immersed in her peergroup that I wanted to have the opportunity to spend time with a child. I love Danielle's energy and her sweet spirituality. She askes great questions. In addition when I am worn out after our time together , one of her parents comes and takes her home. Although Danielle and I spend much less time together now, I treasure our connection. Do you want to play more? Is there a child to play with or another way to build being goofy into your life?

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