Thursday, January 24, 2008


I have been writing this blog at night before I go to sleep. It has been harder to settle down into sleep when I have been on the computer. Also my boyfriend and I have been having our daily phone call at night before I write my blog.He lives an hour and a half from me, so during the week the phone is our main method of communication.By night both of us are tired from our days and it is difficult to connect well. I often end up feeling frustrated and restless.
I was reading an article by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine about ideas for restful sleep. They suggest you create a relaxing bedtime routine. Neither being on the computer nor having a frustrating conversation qualify. I decided to find the time to write on my blog earlier and talked to Gary about scheduling our phone conversations at a time when we both can be more present. He agreed and said it would be helpful to him too.
For a long time I have wanted to create an evening meditation practice in addition to my morning one. I have begun to sit before bed for a few nights and stopped many times. I have recently been aware of wanting to carry peace with me into sleep and end my day quietly. I am commiting to an evening meditation with you as my witness. What works for me is to make a reasonable goal so I can actually follow through and be successful. If I set my goal too high like, "I will meditate every night for half an hour," if I miss one night I can justify blowing off the whole thing. So, I will start with three times a week for ten minutes. Anything more than that is icing on the cake. It's easy to notice when I don't keep my agreements so part of my bedtime ritual will be to appreciate myself for honoring my intention. What do you do before you go to sleep? Would it be useful for you to create a personal or couples bedtime ritual of your own?

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