Saturday, January 26, 2008

Vision Board

Today I went to a vision board workshop skillfully facilitated by Deb Roffe. A vision board is a collage which represents your vision of your future and is a spiritual tool to draw that vision to you. Deb's website is I had fun and learned a lot.
Deb had us do a visualization about our future self twenty years from now. When I first imagined myself I saw myself at 77 with alzheimer's disease. It was terrifying and was my worst fear coming true. I breathed into my terror and realized it was my mother I was seeing. My fears of being her when I am older had created this vision. I peeled my mothers' face off of mine and a radiant older me appeared, strong in body and mind. I realized I am making choices that are different from my mothers. It seems way more useful to me to be imagining my future self as present and wise. It also made it crystal clear that each moment from now until then is precious, not to be wasted focusing on what's missing or what's wrong. An affirmation by Louise Hay is part of my vision board: Something wonderful is always coming. I look only for the good in every experience, and I always find it. I would also affirm, I use noticing my fears and judgements to gently and lovingly bring myself back to the present. I didn't finish my vision board today so I am excited about finishing it now. Thanks for listening.

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Kim said...

Hi Andrea,

I like the affirmation you mentioned from Louise Hay. I just finished listening to the audio version of her book, "You Can Heal Your Life". In it she mentions working with one affirmation for a few days and then moving on to another. I've chosen this one to start with: I experience love wherever I go.

I appreciate the time you spend on your blog. I find it uplifting and look forward to reading each entry.