Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Juice Guy

When I went to get juice today at the Wild Oats juice bar, I experienced a sense of community. I keep thinking I have to join some group and attend regularly to feel that sense of belonging. Community comes in many different forms. The juice guy, Cornelius was a master juicer and passionate about his craft. He was sharing his excitement about juicing with all of us. He made it fun to be taking care of myself with the delicious juice. He made me a vegetable juice from kale, celery, garlic, lemon, ginger and cucumber that left me zinging with energy for the rest of the day. The atmosphere was warm and inviting and I had a lovely conversation with a fellow juice drinker. I left feeling open-hearted and connected to the world. I so appreciate people like Cornelius who by their simple zest for living, inspire others to feel held in their inclusive alive space.

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