Friday, January 25, 2008

Next Step

Sometimes western medicine has its place. I have been needing to have a simple surgical procedure done. I like to explore alternative healing opportunities before I do anything like sign up to be cut open. For several months I have been exploring other methods. I have learned a great deal about my unconscious beliefs and how healing energy works in the body. I so appreciate all the people who have given me their time and energy. Today I had lunch with my doctor friend and I realized it is time to surrender. Intuituitively this feels right to me. It is scary because I have only had surgery one other time. When I was ten I had an even simpler surgical procedure. I survived that one and I trust I will survive this one. I feel relieved to relax into my decision. I can feel the stress and urgency melting away from my body. Is there a decision you have been resisting making? Would you be willing to sit with yourself and see what the next step is?

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