Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I will be out of town from now until next Monday night. I will resume writing on Tuesday. I am going to visit my Mom who has alzheimer's disease. It is always a challenge to see her because the person that she is now is so different than who she was.
The last time I went to see her I accepted that this sweet often confused woman is my Mom, the Mom that she is now. I opened my heart to loving her as she is and the love flowed out allowing me to be grateful to be connecting with her, although in a different way. We used to have great talks and sometimes she was very critical. Now we spend more time just being and less time talking and doing. My mother, who was incredibly active in her earlier life, is teaching me how to hang out and be. Opening my heart also opens me up to the sadness and grief I feel about losing the Mom I knew. When I open my heart it is one faucet. When my heart is open to what is and I allow myself to feel the feelings that are uncomfortable there is also more room for joy. Thanks for being here with me. See you next week. Love to you,

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