Tuesday, January 22, 2008


There is a full moon tonight. I just went outside to howl at it. At first I was judging my howling as sounding more like a hungry dog than a wolf. Than I got off it and appreciated that I was willing to howl at the moon, regardless of what my neighbors might think. Who are these imaginary neighbors who are outside on this cold winter night listening to me? Why do I care what they do or do not think? Take some time tonight to howl at the moon. O.K. how about opening the door and just looking at it. Grandmother moon is there shining her light. She doesn't care if we got through our to-do list today. I can see her in the sky above my computer screen. It is very comforting to connect with the moon. When my daughter was in India we used to send each other moon mail by staring at the moon and sending each other love. What a lovely ritual. Remember if you want to, to write or tell yourself five good things about your day. One of mine is connecting with the moon and sharing it with you.

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