Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I am feeling a lot of joy today. It is a gorgeous sunny day, and I got to go for two walks with friends. It is my favorite way to socialize. Exercise and meaningful conversation are two of my greatest pleasures, combining the two is enormously satisfying. I do most of my connecting with friends by walking together. I prefer it to eating in restaurants which can be distracting, expensive and involves more sitting. I sit at work and the last thing I want to do is sit some more. When I moved away from having my social life revolve around food I was better able to concentrate on the person I was with. Being outdoors in nature helps me to feel connected to all there is. Nature is my temple. Exercising outside feels so much less like work than exercising indoors does. I have a few friends who will walk with me even when it is cold. It makes it so much easier to walk in winter if I have a comrade in braving the elements. I also enjoy walking alone. It gives me a chance to check in with myself and see how I am doing. I love to soak in my surroundings and be present, as I practice bringing myself back from being lost in my thoughts. The rhythm of my steps helps me to release pent up emotions and let go of old stories. I enjoy hanging out the ducksers, a duck couple in the creek where I take my daily walk. They seem so serene and devoted to each other. Sometimes I wonder how they keep warm. There is a bench next to the creek where I stop to say my water prayer. My daughter Monnya and I made up a bedtime prayer many years ago and I say the first few lines. It allows me to pause and be grateful for my life. There are words and hand motions.
Thank you for my wonderful life (hands in prayer position together at my heart)
I trust in peace and joy and love (arms open and outstretched, looking up)
I am enough. (hugging myself)

I love to move and walk in nature. Flowing with the movement of my body brings me calm and energy at the same time. It can be a joyous ritual. I feel blessed to be me today. Do you have a hankering for a walk? Why not go today? Or call a friend and see if you can set up a walking date.

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