Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I just returned from the Democtatic caucus. I had never been to one before. When I pulled up to the school there were hundreds of cars.I parked two blocks away. Inside the building I joined a very long line of people who didn't know their precinct number. Now I know and have etched it into my brain.
What struck me when I got to the room was how many people were there and how many of them were in their twenties. The people leading the meeting were both young enthusistic men. Before we voted I asked for people who supported each candidate to speak about the differences between them. I was impressed by the passion of all of the speakers and got some good information. Someone who had been to caucuses in the past said they never had enough people there to sign up the allocated number of delegates from the precinct to the next level of voting. Tonight so many people wanted to be a delegate that we had to have a vote. I feel hopeful about this election in a way I haven't before. I was happy that so many people cared enough to come out on a cold snowy night to participate in this process.People were interested and respectful of each other's opinions. My heart was warmed by the sense of inclusion and coming together for a common goal. If I can wake up maybe other people who have been mostly unengaged in the political process will decide their imput matters and put their energy behind who ever wins this nomination.I am grateful that we are at the point in history where we have the choice between a woman and an afro-american man. I hope our country is ready for change. I am ready for change. More later.

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