Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Open hearted

Tonight I went to a PSYCH-K practice session with other facilitators in the area. It was stimulating and satisfying personally and professionally. We did PSYCH-K balances with each other. If you remember PSYCH-K is a process that helps you free the mind from limiting beliefs. I had been feeling very reactive today and wanted to balance for feeling more eqiniminous in the face of whatever comes my way. Earlier today one of my friends didn't show up for our walk. I was upset and then came home and realized she had left me a message last night and one early this morning saying she couldn't make it, and I hadn't checked my messages before I left. Then I lost a very important paper at my accountant's and frantically looked through all of the files I brought there about eight times. Then when I let myself breathe deeply I could see in my mind that I had inadvertantly pushed the paper in with my accountant's papers to the right of where I was sitting. I called her and she found it. Tonight I wanted to balance for going with the flow about things more. Also I wanted to be less reactive and more open hearted with my partner Gary. He is a very open hearted person, especially toward me.
I am intermittently open hearted with him. My positive belief statement was, "I am safe and protected with my heart wide open." I came out of the process testing strong for the new belief. That means the new belief now resonates with my core truth. I noticed driving home that I felt less rushed and urgent and that it was easier to bring myself back to the present. I felt more open talking to Gary on the phone when I got home and was excited to tell him about the balance process. I am eager to see how being safe and protected with my heart wide open continues to manifest in my life. Is there an area of your life you'd like to balance for a life-expanding belief ?

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