Sunday, February 3, 2008


Tonight, Spiritsong, met at my house. Our singing group gets together once a month to sing and chant and move and meditate.Singing has a way of uplifting my spirit and getting me out of my head.I read in an article that it integrates the right and left brain because the words activate the left brain and the tune activates the right. Singing also banishes the inner critic.Something yummy happens in the room when Spiritsong meets. An energy is created that joins us and expands us. After each chant or song we improvise for a while, each going off in our own direction, yet connected. I am always amazed at the sounds that come out of us.Then we are quiet taking in the healing energy of the sounds. We also do silly songs with silly movements and have lots of fun.I love to sing. It opens my heart and brings great joy.After Spiritsong I always resolve to let myself sing more. I am so much happier when I do.This month I'd like to remember to sing more. I especially love singing in my car. One blessing of winter is I don't have to be self-conscious because with the windows up noone can hear me. Maybe by spring I won't care who I think is listening.
Yesterday at the meditation retreat a woman shared that when she was feeling cranky and taking it out on her husband she suggested to him that they sing their words of annoyance with each other. They ended up laughing. I imagine someone with a pet singing to their animal. They love us no matter what. Would you be willing to hum your favorite song even if you think you can't sing? Or how about belting it out?

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