Sunday, May 18, 2008

Desperate Housewives

I have a confession to make. I am watching the season finale of Desperate Housewives, a two hour parade of worst-case scenarios. I was attempting to write a blog about spending the day at Shoshoni Yoga Retreat. I went up there as part of my yoga training with other four students. I was going to write about what a healing day I had. I was writing during the commercials. I would come in here after some horrible violent scene (I think they make the finales more violent to hold your attention until next season). In my defense, this is the only show I watch and I have seen about six of them. Gary loves this show and we have been watching it together. However, the responsibility doesn't fall on his shoulders. I watched Thirtysomething every week for years. Then I made my daughter watch Sisters every Tuesday night for most of her childhood.
I am hooked by soap operas that have a psychological bent. This one tonight had a scene where a troubled husband who had to give up his step-daughter because she lied and said her step-mother burned her, let go of his seething anger enough to declare his undying love for his wife to save a gay couple who were in danger of cancelling their committment ceremony. There was love between a mother and a daughter and a life reclaimed from terror based lies- high drama.The show was intense violent and riveting. Now I get to go to sleep with all of this on my mind. I often tell people who have trouble sleeping to do something calming and soothing before they go to sleep. This show was definitely not that. Maybe there is a twelve step group for people who want to give up soap operas. Maybe I can attend enough meetings to avoid watching it next season. What a day. A yoga retreat filled with a gorgeous mountain hike, healthy food, meditation, a gentle yoga class that soothed and stretched my aching body, and then two hours of Desperate Housewives. I wish I could think of something wise and useful to say in conclusion. I guess the important thing is to embrace it all without judgement. Or maybe the best I can do is to be present with the judgement and know I am doing the best I can. You are too.
It's all a part of this dance we call life. I'm going to go meditate and go to bed. Sweet dreams.

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