Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New Yoga Class

I am excited about my new yoga class. It will be starting Wednesday, May 14th from noon to one. It will cost five dollars and meet at Whiole Yoga at the corner of 17th and Williams.( Today, Satya the studio owner and I had a great talk. We realized that the time I was offering my class wasn't working and came up with this new plan. Please pass this on to anyone you know who could benefit from it. Or better still come yourself!
I love teaching yoga and the low attendance of my class meeting from 10:30 to noon has been very discouraging. Letting go of the class I have been teaching allowed the birth of the new one. It may seem like just moving it up an hour and a half and for me it is symbolic of releasing what isn't working and allowing what will work to emerge. When something is blocking the door the door can't open. I am grateful to be offering a lunchtime sanctuary of peace. It will be an opportunity for me and for my students to reurn to the afternoon relaxed and energized. I love the way the universe supports me and I appreciate how well I am doing at getting out of my own way. Acknowledge yourself for three examples in your life of getting out of your own way and allowing the universe to smile and say "yes."
I am leaving for my meditation retreat tomorrow and I will be gone until Sunday night. I will write again on Monday. Even though I have fears and doubts I am so glad to be taking this time to be still and to give my mind a chance to be quiet. I am using my worries as an opportunity to validate my feelings"I understand that you could feel that way." and to have compassion for myself,"I care about your suffering". Are you practicing self-validation and compassion too? Worry is the story that is on top of fear. Will I be able to eat the food? Will my body hurt the whole time? and on and on. With compassion I can go down into my body and find the fear and breathe into it. I am stopping my typing right now to put my hand over my heart and create space for the fear to be there. It is O.K. to feel the fear about this or about anything. I can show up for myself and embrace what is. " I am here for you with this fear." The ego is going to bring up worries about whatever I am about to do, especially new things. It is my challenge to use the worries as a path to the fear. The true bodily experience of the sensation of fear is a vehicle to move through to the expansiveness and peace beyond it. From that place this retreat feels so right. Excitement and fear are part of the same continuum. I am sure I will travel along that continuum a great deal in the next four days. I am also sure there will be periods of peace and probably a bit of everything else I can imagine. It all comes down to MAD SAD GLAD and SCARED. My intention is to be present with all of it as much as I am. I will miss writing this blog. I will miss connecting with you. See you Monday. Love to you, Andrea.

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