Thursday, January 17, 2013


Happy New Year to all of you.
My wishes for all of us for 2013: 
May we feel a heart more full of love this year.
May we allow ourselves to receive love with greater abandon. 
May we feel safer to be who we are more freely and fully.
May we find greater peace of mind.
May we notice it is easier to show up for ourselves mindfully, without judgement. 
May it be a little more easeful to forgive ourselves for being unskillful.
May we notice we are cutting ourselves more slack.
May we be more comfortable saying no to others and yes to ourselves. May the awareness that we are all one come to us more often.
May we spend more time in our bodies and less in our heads.
May we be aware of the attention our bodies need and get that attention for ourselves, creating optimal health.
May we laugh often and well, especially at ourselves.
May we inhabit the present moment and be willing to bring ourselves back kindly from being preoccupied with the past or the future.
May we listen to what feels right inside of us and let our actions flow from that.
May we be willing to ask for help and then let ourselves receive that help.
May we be willing to spend more time with people who are emotionally available and less time with people who aren't.
May we accept what is with less kicking and screaming.
May we be clearer about what needs action and what needs surrender.
May we be willing to feel all of our feelings and decide what to share with others in a way that honors our self-respect.
May we be more willing to honor our energy with contemplation and less willing to dull our energy with compulsions.
May we be more willing to trust our desires for connection and reach out to other people even when we're afraid.
May we be willing to risk being aware of and letting go of old patterns created for survival and be curious about not knowing what's next.
May we embrace I don't know.
May we embrace knowing.
May we open more fully to having fun and being silly and playful.
May all our wishes move from our hearts to the hearts of all beings everywhere and feel the universe saying yes. Yes Yes
May what you want about what to add to this list for yourself be in your awareness and may you find the energy to follow your heart.
With Love to all of you,

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